Kenzo Ramen stands out from other Japanese noodle restaurants for the uniqueness of each and every dishes. Our restaurant is known for our famous noodles that are freshly made in our restaurant. These thin Japanese doodle with the perfect texture and the taste keeps you longing for more.

Our soup broth is made up of a combination of two soup bases which are dried seafood base and chicken and pork bone base. This special broth is stewed for 24 hours for a rich and unforgettable taste. This soup broth makes the ramen warm, healthy and enjoyable all around the year and especially during the cold weather. This double soup base recipe is not commonly used outside Japan.

All our special sauces are made in house and fermented for a period of 3 months to provide a distinctive taste and a wonderful aroma. We also carry special dishes that cannot be found in any other restaurant in Toronto. The Nagasaki Champon, Tonkotus-Shoyu and Tonkotsu-Miso have been added recently to our menu and have been greatly popular amongst young people.

Kenzo Ramen was serving Japanese noodle in Toronto since its establishment in 2003. Currently we have 4 locations in the greater Toronto area. Many thanks to all of our customers. Without you, we would have not been here today.