There are four style of sauce flavor,miso flavor,salt flavor and tonkotsu flavor. The soup is usually made from a blend of chicken and pork bone stock combined with vegetables and seafood soup.

There are four style fo raumen.

soy sauce flavor
(soy sauce)
Tokyo raumen
miso flavor
(miso sauce)
Sapporo raumen

salt flavor
(salt rauce)
Hakodate raumen

tonkotsu flavor
(salt sauce)
Hakata raumen

There are three type of sauce.

soy sauce
The soy sauce is usually made from soy sauce, vegetables, salt, essence from seafood.

miso sauce
The miso sauce is usually made from blend of miso, lots of vegetables and seasonings.
salt sauce
The salt sauce is usually made from salt and lots of essence from seafood.



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curry straight



There are many kind of noodles. Noodle is usually made from flour, water, egg, salt and kansui(natural sodium carbonate water, used for making the noodle elastigue) Usually curry or straight thick or thin. But, we can creat countless variations. Like a ultra-thin straight noodles. Also, when we make a noodle, how much we are going to add water is important. How do we choose a noodle is balance with soup.

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